How to order

1. Please mail us first about the wanted item(s) and include your shipping address.

2. We will mail you back the total costs incl. shipping within 24 hours.

3. Ways of payment:

*Bank transfer
For Norwegian customers:
Account no: 1503 20 14086

International payments:
IBAN: NO8115032014086
Bank: DNB
Account Holder: Neseblod Records, Schweigaards gt 56, 0656 Oslo, Norway

Please add 5% for Paypal fees

* USD, EUR and NOK accepted.

4. Advance payment only! Must be completed within 3 days from order confirmation.
Norwegian customers: Beklager, ingen postoppkrav.

5. We ship worldwide, but please note: We will only ship to some countries in East Europe, South America, Far East and all of Africa by registered and insured mail. Sorry for the inconvenience, but this is because of the poor service provided by the local Postal Service in these countries.

6. We are not responsible for lost goods unless your order is shipped registered and fully insured.
Please ask for registration and insurance if you feel it's required.
Costs for registered CarryOn Cash packages starts at NOK 270 within Europe and NOK 310 ROW.
Please see or e-mail for details.

Please be serious regarding your enquiries and your orders, otherwise you're wasting our time. Everything we do in the shop and with the orders are handled physically and requires time. Therefore we would appreciate it if you could send your order when you are completely sure what you truly want to order, in stead of bothering us with pointless e-mails. That way you're also wasting other customers time.